Resident evil 2 clover key

Kennedy or college student Claire Redfield, who has decided to travel to Raccoon City to search for her brother Chris. While Leon and Claire explore many of the same areas, their paths through those areas differ and some of the puzzles and items they encounter are different.

Additionally, there are some items that are only available for one character and not the other, and that's the case with the Heart Key. However, Leon does get the chance to find the Club Key instead, whereas Claire can't find it in her playthrough. Examine the Relief Portrait in the inventory to find the Heart Key. There are some other important differences between the Leon and Claire campaigns.

One is the side characters the two partner with over the course of the game. For example, Leon spends most of his time with the mysterious Ada Wongwhereas Claire dedicates herself to protecting Sherry Birkin. Despite the differences between the two campaigns, though, many other elements stay the same. And as long as players remember where to find hidden items like the heart key, subsequent playthroughs should be quicker, making it easier to get the coveted S rank and unlock infinite ammo.

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By Dalton Cooper Jan 27, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Dalton Cooper Articles Published Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since Here is everything you need to know about how to get the Club Key is Resident Evil 2. The Club Key is a large silver key, named as such because of its handle forms the shape of a club colored in green.

After speaking with him, he will tell you to head through the kennel to access the sewers. Grab the manhole opener crowbar to the right and head toward the kennel. A young girl named Sherry will run away from Ada when she gets through. Kill the zombies in the area, head to the left, and go through the door to the Cesspool Tank. Once inside, drop down until you find a box. Line up all the boxes in a row to form a straight line.

Resident Evil 2 guide: Every Key Item location

Head back to where you just entered and press the control panel with the green button. This will activate a level that fills and drains water in the room. The room will fill with water, allowing the boxes to rise to the surface. Walk across and grab the Club Key located on the shelf in the Cesspool Tank.

Resident Evil 2 Remake guide – how to open the Spade door, Diamond Door, Heart Door, and Club Door

Connect with us. Continue Reading. Minecraft: How to Make Jack o Lantern. Forager: How to Get Plastic. To Top.There are Resident Evil 2 keys to find throughout the game - the Blue Spade key, Red Diamond key or Green Club key are some of the first things you have to find in order to progress.

They gatekeep your progress but you can be juggling a few at a time, not sure what to prioritise. They are also not always that obvious to find and it's a pain backtracking constantly to double check you've not missed something.

So we're going to cover all the Resident Evil 2 keys here and help you find them. Begin by grabbing the knife from Marvin and work your way through the outer corridors. It goes without saying, be sure to search each room as you go so you have enough ammo, healing supplies, and anything else that will aid in fending off the undead. To exit, look for a small window and climb through. Follow it round and on your left should be the safety deposit room, and on the right, the dark room.

Just a little north of the dark room is a set of stairs. Follow them up to the top and look for an unnamed room. Just keep playing as you normally would until you eventually gain access to the parking garage and, yes, those bloody dogs! You will need it. The goal of the parking garage is to gain access to the morgue, which is over the opposite side of the area.

Inside is not only the Red Diamond Key, but also a nice surprise.

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On the second floor, just north of the art room, is a set of shutters that block your way. Head down them. When you land there should be a water pump lever to your right, and to the west, a set of metal stairs leading down.

Head through and inside, on a whiteboard with an amusing message, is the green club key. If you want to see how far the game ash come then check out this Resident Evil 2 Remake comparison and take a look at the original and PS4 version side by side.

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Receive news and offers from our other brands? Yes No. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again.While most of the items remain in the same locations for both Claire and Leon's "Game A" or first-time playthrough games, we've noted below where they are different.

For Weapon locations, check out Weapons Guideand for all ammo and plant locations, check out the Walkthrough.

resident evil 2 clover key

Search the list below to find the Key Item you are missing. The Key Items below listed in the order you find them during a normal playthrough so if you are stuck, just scroll down to the last item you picked up, or head to the Walkthrough.

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The Combat Knife is used to open electronic panel in Main Hall. After this, it becomes a secondary weapon. The Lion Medallion is one of three medallions used to open the secret passage in the Main Hall. Use combination Lion, Leafy Branch, Bird. In the unlocked locker to the right of the entrance is a Portable Safe. Play the randomized safe minigame to unlock it and get the Spare Key for the Safety Deposit Room control panel.

Portable Key 2 is available later in the game after you complete the events in the basement. The Spade Key is in the room with the hole in the wall at the top of the stairs. Unlocks the doors to the Main Hall, as well as the door past the Waiting Room on the second floor. The Hip Pouch 1 inventory expansion is on the top west floor of the Police Station.

resident evil 2 clover key

Look for this near the C4-blocked door. The Red Jewel is in the Art Room. Now you can place the Left Arm With Book back onto the statue itself, and it will open its other hand to give you the Scepter. Inspect this Scepter, and look along the back side of the handle for a switch that will release its prize, giving you the Red Jewel.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE (Claire B/2nd Run) – Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary 【Full Game】

After the helicopter explosion, you'll use the Bolt Cutter to open the door to escape. In the smaller office in the East Office. Examine it to identify it as the Detonator. You'll need the Battery found later to use it on the C4 on Fl.The Raccoon City Police Station must have been a nightmare to work in and β€” considering all of the locked doors β€” must have been a terrible museum as well.

Leon can collect the Club key β€” which looks like a Clover too β€” while Claire finds the Heart key. Go through the Reception, around the corridor on the other side and through the Operations Room window. Next to the Dark Room is a set of stairs.

Go all the way up to the top of these stairs to the 3F. On the other side of the Kennel β€” and the horrors within β€” is the Morgue.

resident evil 2 clover key

A nearby note gives you a little bit of background on the poor soul on the gurney β€” apparently he was a kleptomaniac that stole the key while being held in the station. As we mentioned earlier, only Leon can find the Club Keywhich is not only instrumental to progress through the game but getting his Magnum.

resident evil 2 clover key

From the Balcony, climb the ladder down to the Roof. Then from the Roof go north down the stairs to the back alleyway. In front of you is the Boiler Room. Some zombies will break down the door, so take them out and head inside. For more help, take a look at our full Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough β€” complete with video guide!

Resident Evil 2. Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.There are Collectibles divided into 7 types and 9 Weapons. Most Collectibles are missable! Collect them in chronological order as you go through the game. While Key Items, Maps, Portable Safes, and Weapons are not directly tied to any trophy they are often required to reach a collectible. This game is like a labyrinth and it can be hard to figure out where to go or what to use an item for.

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This will help you get through the first playthrough with ease. Below all trophy-relevant collectibles are color-coded.

The game is split into 4 campaigns. When following this guide you must start with Leon-A because some items are unreachable with Claire and certain key items are different. So be sure to begin with Leon. Likewise, finishing Claire-A campaign unlocks Leon-B campaign. You should collect everything on easy difficulty Assisted Mode. On normal, Mr. X will chase after you very fast which makes the collectible search much harder.

On easy he walks very slowly so you can look around without pressure. You can keep track of your Collectibles in the Records Menu. Scroll through the Records list to see the stats that they track. If you start with Claire some story parts will be different and the explanations on key items may not work. Be sure to start as Leon. You can read it after exiting the shopping area.

This is because she has different weapons and can craft different ammo so the content of the file is also different. Reward is a part for your handgun. Reward is some ammunition. This is on a locker in the room with the steam. Press the buttons so they light up in a circle next to each other.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Resident Evil 2 is a game full of puzzles and locked doors. Thankfully, the world is also full of keys and key-like things that will unlock those doors. This guide is here to help you find every Key and Key Item in the remake. There are a couple others β€” the Power Panel Parts β€” that are in different locations for each character. Leon picks up the Shotgun here and Claire gets her Grenade Launcher.

Portable Safes have eight buttons, each associated with one of the lights above. Your job is to press buttons to light up the lights in order counterclockwise. We recommend placing the first one in the 2 position. Examining the Scepter lets you remove the Red Jewel. The Jewel fits onto the Bejeweled Box below. The Bolt Cutter is necessary to get through any doors that are chained closed β€” like the door right next to where you pick it up, the door to the East Officeand the door in the Operations Room.

During your first run, this Electrical Part is on one of the desks in the East Office. The panel it goes into is next to the shutter that you first crawled under to investigate the east hallway.

Place it in the panel to open the shutter to the Main Hall. The Electronic Gadget is on the desk there. The Parking Garage overlaps with the Police Station quite a bit, but your goal is different when you return. This will also be your chance to unlock the rest of the doors in the Police Station.

The Diamond Key is in the Morgue in the southeast corner of the basement B1. The Key Items in the Parking Garage section are mostly used to unlock new areas and new weapons. Take the Car Key back out to the Parking Garage to open the trunk of one of the cruisers. The Part is in a Boxed Electronic Part box on a cart right when you walk in.

Both characters will find the Bejeweled Box in the Observation Room. Importantly, will get you a Hip Pouch. Take it from there to the Clock Tower 3F. Examining the doll will let you find the Picture Block hidden inside.

Place the Block in the puzzle and solve the puzzle on the other side of the room to get the Scissors.

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